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Top Gear Looks as Ridiculous and Whimsical as Ever in the Season 26 Trailer

I might catch hell for this, but I like the current LeBlanc/Harris/Reid Top Gear better than the guys sometimes referred to as “The Holy Trinity”, messrs. Hammond, Clarkson, and May. The new crew has finally found their collective groove, work well together, and add a bit of levity to a series that was before so serious about how much fun they were having. The car world needs more levity, and LeBlanc really brings that out of the other two, I feel. In fact, Series 25 might have been the best one yet.


In this new series trailer, we see a lot of fun being had. I’m already excited for the series to debut, which is kind of the point of a trailer in the first place, right?

In the trailer below we see the blokes messing about with everything from marine-modified Tuk Tuks to taking brand new 911s completely sideways. There’s race tracks, crashing, cruising, and banter like we’ve become quite used to. There’s spinning a GT2 RS in the rain, car croquet, off road shenanigans, and a Bentley Le Mans car. That makes for good TV, folks.

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Andrew Fails

I honestly agree with you, because it seems like these three are having fun, whereas Clarkson, Hammond, and May always seem vaguely annoyed that they have to go make a TV show.