Top Gear Fan Pays $19,358 For "Stig" License Plate

Illustration for article titled Top Gear Fan Pays $19,358 For "Stig" License Plate

You've got to be creative to see "The Stig" in it, but a license plate reading "THE 571G" went to a fan of UK driving show Top Gear at a DVLA auction in the UK for a price of just under $20,000 (£10,690). The UK motoring site Pistonheads claims the winning buyer was Rick Fusari, owner of the Greenford Motors car dealership in West London. Fusari snagged the plate from 11 other Top Gear fan-boys bidding on the vanity plate and now has the dilemma on which of his two Ferraris to place the plate. Either way, we're hoping he doesn't buy a white helmet to go along with it.


Can someone in the UK please clear this up for us Yanks? Here in the states, most "vanity" plates can be had for just a bit more than standard issue number plates. Here in Connecticut, you can get a vanity plate for $90 above the standard rate. And we have 15 different backgrounds to choose from.

So what is it with the British system that is so rigid that these types of plates command so much money?