Top Gear Does Israel In Bedouin Beaters

After dropping in on New York City earlier this month, the Top Gear UK crew decided to travel somewhere slightly less dangerous for their next challenge: Israel. The cars, including a hookah-equipped MX-5, look remarkably Bedouin.


Photos show the gearhead triumvirate traveling across Israel in a well-abused Fiat Barchetta (Richard), BMW Z3 (James), and a Mazda Miata MX-5 (Jeremy). All of the vehicles are outfitted with survival gear like extra water jugs, brush guards, shovels, and the aforementioned giant hookah. Clearly, there's some desert-running going on, though we don't yet know how dangerous it was.

Haifa or bust, baby!

[Rotter, Walla via AutoBlog]

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