Top Gear Burma Special, Part Two, Video Open Thread

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We've come to the end of Top Gear's 21st season, or series, or whatever the British are calling it nowadays, and that's a little sad. But for tonight, we still have Burma and a bunch of beastly trucks. And that's not so bad at all.

In tonight's episode:

- Richard Hammond has a beer

- Jeremy Clarkson has a beer

- James May drinks tea

Live in the UK, which is clearly the only place you could have watched actually it today, of course? Or do you have a fanciful machine that lets you it acquire it through other means? Let us know what you think of the newest episode of Top Gear, and all of the 21st season in the comments below.


And if you haven't seen the episode yet at all, good luck deciphering this bit:

It really has been one of the better seasons.

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wait so what happened with the mclaren/porsche race?