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Tony Hawk Partners With Mini, Drives A Countryman Named 'Maximillion'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk was known to be a Mopar guy, but it seems like he started downsizing by signing a partnership with Mini instead.

After driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 turbocharged by Hennessey or a massive V8-powered skateboard, Tony Hawk switched to a black MINI John Cooper Works Countryman last November. If you see one on the street, watch out for the Birdhouse Skateboards and Independent Trucks stickers on the back.


Tony also likes to jump his giant Mini, which was named 'Maximillion' after an online poll in honor of Gumball 3000 founder Max Cooper.

He certainly needed a big ramp for this one.

Mini will provide customized Countrymans for Birdhouse Skateboards Summer Tour, while Tony's side will produce 250 'co-inspired' limited edition skateboards which will be auctioned off for charity and given away as prizes at events around the country, making the world a better place I guess.

I bet he still has a V8 somewhere...