The new TomTom Go x40 LIVE series of GPS navigation units allows users to update maps on the fly with the positions of police speed traps and traffic cameras, thus alerting other TomTom users in the area of their presence. Also stored within the system is historical travel time data for every road by day of the week, in five-minute intervals. To calculate a traffic-free route, the TomTom compares these figures to real-time anonymous cell phone movements. How does it work? If the Go x40 LIVE sees a large number of cell phones stationary along a major highway, it’ll determine that traffic is not moving and plan a route around the hold up. Such a system should work better than current systems, which rely on a limited number of stationary traffic sensors along heavily traveled roads only. The LIVE also allows drivers to add fuel prices to maps, letting other users find the cheapest prices, and it's still capable of connecting to TomTom’s existing High Definition Traffic Service. The GO x40 LIVE will be initially available in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Switzerland, but the company does plan to expand its service to other countries in the near future. Let’s hope it comes here. [via MotorAuthority]


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