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Tom Brady Really Did Crash His 2010 Audi To Get A New 2011 Model

Illustration for article titled Tom Brady Really Did Crash His 2010 Audi To Get A New 2011 Model

Last week Tom Brady crashed his 2010 Audi S8 into a minivan and then joked about wrecking it so he could get the 2011 model. Well, it's one week later and Audi's given him... the 2011 model. Seriously.


Given how wealthy Tom Brady is, and how beloved he is by star-whoring automakers, we're certain there's no need for Tom Brady to wreck a 2010 to get a 2011 model — although the 2011 A8 really is much cooler. But when you show up to a celebrity skeet-shooting tournament with a brand new car loaned from Audi, it makes your joke that "I just wanted the 2011, so I had to crash the 2010" a little funnier.


Or maybe not so funny if you had to be removed from your vehicle with the jaws of life because some pigskin jockey in a free übersedan mistook your minivan for Dan Koppen's backside. Nah, it's still funny.

[The Rap Sheet via Quattroholic]

Photo Credit: TwitPic

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So what did the people who's minivan he totaled get?