Tokyo Motor Show: New Nissan GT-R, Now In Bra-less Video

We've seen the new Nissan GT-R in spy videos and spy photos before, and we've seen the new Nissan GT-R live at the reveal, but we've never seen it fully without camouflage. Now, thanks to the wonderfully Franco-Nihon Nissan, we've got some video sans sound for your visual enjoyment. Godzilla here, along with a bowl of miso soup, grilled fish, two multi-vitamins and a plate o' pickles can provide everything a young Japanese lad needs to grow up big and strong — and lovin' da high horsepower. And remember to keep watching our Tokyo Auto Show tag throughout the day to see our continuous updates of all the good stuff we've seen over the past day here at the Makahari Messe.




Having spent 9 of the last 15 years in Japan, I know you are right about the round tail lights, but would suggest you are wrong about this car at all being linked to the "real" heritage. The R-32 was the best Skyline ever made in terms of real heritage. Outstanding performance, great looks, excellent tuner potential, and truly affordable. The R-33 was a somewhat reasonable next step but when I drove one, it always felt somewhat larger, heavier, and less nimble than the R-32. The R-34 is UGLY. Everyone said just give it some time. Nope... Still fugly. And Carlos has just completely alienated the enthusiasts with this new one. This car won't be sold to a singal person who was seriously considering a Porsche. Worse, In Japan the performance numbers simply don't justify paying 4M yen more that the regular Skyline.

Oh.. The tail lights.. One of the big reasons the R-34 doesn't look like it maintains the heritage is because the tail lights are supposed to be 4 round EQUAL SIZED lights. Way to carry over the worst of the breed Carlos.