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If you'll remember from its original unveil at Geneva, this sporty little crossover coupe is the QarmaQ, Hyundai's concept designed to showcase environmentally progressive technologies, such as the Korean company's "Elastic Front." That's a pedestrian collision solution Hyundai hopes if implemented, can reduce the risk of turning a drive through the Shibuya crosswalk into a re-make of Death Race 2000. Remember, you get bonus points for maiming now, not killing.

But that's one of only 30 new technologies the QarmaQ incorporates, many of which Hyundai hopes they'll be able to incorporate into new models between 2008 and 2014. According to Hyundai, the QarmaQ is lighter, stronger and more economical than any current production CUV in its class. We also have to say it looks not too terrible on the eyes either — which is why we thought it was so nice, we've brought it to ya twice. Plus, we felt the need to drop a "Death Race 2000" joke and a Shibuya joke in one post.