Tokyo Motor Show Coverage Roundup

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The Car Connection
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You go, underdogs. But would it kill you to slap a gallery up? Just asking.

Car and Driver
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See, guys, there's this thing called the Internet. It's like this amazing, glowing box, on which readers can follow breaking events as they happen. Maybe you've heard of it.


Road and Track
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Photogs roamed free. Couldn't they have pulled some writers' lips off the Pontiac Solstice's tailpipe for a couple days?

Motor Trend
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Extensive reporting and nested galleries makes MT's Tokyo coverage worth blowing a coffee break on. One star taken off for including only one Ferrari GG50 photo, a two-shot co-starring some PR flack.

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Here's to flooding the zone, photo-wise. Most reporting was done beforehand, not enough en scene.

Cars from the Tokyo show [internal]

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