Tokyo Auto Show Preview: Daihatsu Mudmaster-C Concept

Now this is a concept. It's a Daihatsu transporter decked out, Pinzgauer style, as a mountain-bike support vehicle. Unlike other, more bleeding-edge concepts, the Mudmaster-C (awesome name construction, check) is a body-on-frame mini van-roader, with significant ride hight and fat angle of approach by way of a "hub reduction system," which transfers drive power via gears mounted between the driveshaft and wheel hub. That means super stream-fording potential. Boris Vallejo airbrush job and chinchilla upholstery not included. [World Car Fans]

Press Release:

Press Release

This small, tough transporter leverages compactness and light weight for special off-road agility and adopts body-on-frame construction for outstanding durability and cargo capability. This mountain bike support model was designed in collaboration with the leading professional cyclist, Raita Suzuki.


* A hub reduction system, which transfers driving power via gears mounted between the drive shaft and wheel hub, together with large-diameter 16-inch off-road tires, achieves 370mm ride height and generous angles of approach, departure and breakover for outstanding off-road drivability and stream-fording capability.

* The body uses highly durable, lightweight and compact body-on-frame construction. A range of attachments can be combined for a variety of applications, from outdoor sports to work in rough terrain.


* Large gullwing doors on three sides give the MUD MASTER-C great convenience, ideal for loading and unloading bicycles in the "mountain bike support" model.

* Full-cabin styling creates a strong presence.

* The interior features a simple instrument panel with large-screen LCD multi-display and the water-repellent seats, reflecting the car's rugged image.

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