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There's some mighty weird stuff happening over in the glass house of Ford — first they were trying to get their employees to become a new dealer network for them in exchange for a Ford-branded fleece. Now, they're resorting to pushing e-mails out to staff touting the most recent crazy/sexy/cool online advertising campaign — trying to get the employees to help them to make them go viral. Cause like they so don't have anything else to do with their time in the office, right. Witness as example the following e-mail sent out to all employees by James Owens, Mustang's Marketing Manager, for Ford's little pony — the Mustang GT:


We know you love the Pony. We hear you love your gaming, too. So, it's no wonder that we're merging our beloved vehicle with the latest online media technology in an interactive experience that lets you tool around in a Mustang!

In the newest version of our online banner "game," drivers (that means you) can expand the course and have free reign of a GT on none other than a dimly lit blacktop parking lot. As you navigate the course (without tipping pylons, of course!) a hidden bonus feature that only a Mustang enthusiast like you could love (Can you say: Cobra?) will appear on screen. Be on the lookout for free downloadable content and some video footage, too.

C'mon now, isn't it about time you tested out your virtual driving prowess? Mouse on over to TODAY! (Tuesday, June 13, 2006).

James P. Owens II
Mustang Marketing Manager

Brilliant! So what happens when you go and play? Here's what one of our insiders had to say:

If you play the little game and run into the piece of paper it tells you to txt MSN to FORD1 when you do it lets you download almost-cool wallpaper and not so cool ringtones (ie a revving mustang ringtone) Fords little game thing is kinda vaguely similar to VW's fast game from like 6 months ago. You should check out the cell phone downloads.. theyre cheese but cool

Right — we'll totally not get right on that. We want to move a Mustang with a mouse about as much as we want to move a bowel at the moment. And we really should be careful anyway — maybe this was just some sneaky little attempt for us to make this thing go viral for them. We'd hate to be some little pawn in their marketing game — maybe we'll only play for a minute. Ooh...we just love these ringtones...vroom! vroom!

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