Today, We're Thankful For The Pre-Chinese Volvo

We're thankful for pre-Ford Volvo, but now we're thinking Post-Chinese Volvo will make us thankful for the days of Ford's ownership. So this pre-Turkey Day we're remembering some highlights of the company as it is now and as it was.


The XC70 Surf Rescue is one of the hottest to come out of watching the bay since... well... Baywatch.


Volvos race, believe it or not, and whether it's a gravity racer or a V8-powered Volvo they're always quixotic and wonderful.

Volvos make for great hot rods. Don't ask us why, they just do.


Most importantly, Volvos make being safe sexy. Someone, please, send us a mint 144 for Christmas.

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Van Sarockin, rogue trebuchet

I'm more thankful for their independent, 144/164/1800 era, thanks.