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Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day

Bill Pullman as President Whitmore
Bill Pullman as President Whitmore
Screenshot: Independence Day

Jalopnik’s staff is off staycationing for the Fourth, so I’ll find a couple of classic posts to rerun for your entertainment if you feel like hanging out on the site today. Or, might I recommend revisiting the 1996 classic Independence Day? That’ll get your American pride juiced right up for a couple of hours.


Seriously though, it’s a great movie. Independence Day was actually the first PG-13 movie my parents let me see. And, guys, I wasn’t even 13. Cool, right?!

It’s got everything: Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, Brent Spiner not wearing full body makeup for once, and Bill Pullman as a slightly more cowboy badass version of a Martin Sheen-style Hollywood president. (He flys a fighter jet!)

Also, fireworks. Fireworks!

Gif: YouTube

Try to enjoy yourself. And stay safe.

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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Dubblewhopper- 666% chance he'll be going to hell

Today I will be at the in-laws, perfect for watching Mission Impossible 1-6 on my phone and copious amounts of Bacardi and cokes.