Today Titanium, Tomorrow Bouncing Bolts

A Tesla with a titanium shield sounds a little superhero-ish, but it's a fix to one of the Model S's most-publicized problems. And it looks pretty tough.

Tesla even provided some useful images to show the resilience of the shield to things like a tow hitch, a concrete block and even an alternator.


OK, it isn't perfect.

Kaufmania, rolls with the back seat down pretending its a shooting brake:

Bolt came out Elon, a bolt!!!!

Bill Warren:

Yea but what you don't see is after the .gif ends the bolt bounces back up and screws itself back into place. :p



Goodbye, cruel world!

– Push rivet

Oh, titanium bouncing self-fixing bolts will be a thing soon. Probably.

Photo: AP

Image via Tesla Motors

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