Screenshot: Car Throttle

Today is April, 20th. Which—as we all know—is the day we set aside every year to honor the incredible TVR 420 SEAC sports car. Perhaps the ultimate British sports car of the wedge era, The 420 SEAC featured a 4.2-liter Rover V8 with 300 horsepower and lightweight composite bodywork meaning it weighed over 200 pounds less than its fiberglass counterparts. Only about 40 examples were built between 1986 and 1988, making this a rare treat indeed. Happy 4/20 day everyone, please honor the ultimate 80s TVR responsibly.

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Wow, I thought I knew most of the wedge cars. I am pleasantly surprised to find out I know nothing. This thing is peak 80's. Look at that wing!

The color, the BBS wheels and the obligatory door decal. How did I miss you? Thanks Bradley. Keep ‘em coming...