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You think platform prostitution is bad now? In the genesis of the luxury automobile era, automakers often provided the running gear and coachbuilders put bodies on. This of course led to a range of variation. Case in point is the Cadillac 314. Between three different builders, the 314 was available with up to 50 different body styles and a range of interior options. It's very likely each 314 is virtually unique.


The 314 was produced in varying forms between 1925 and 1929, it came with a 140 inch wheelbase and an 90 degree L-head V8 and a three speed transmission. That's quite a powerful engine for the 20's. Certainly not compared to the coming V engine run up to the mighty V16s, but it was good for 87 HP - nearly as much as 235 I6 in the '51 Chevy we bought in younger days. [read more at ConceptCarz]


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