You know how groups of classic sports car owners can be- sometimes they forget about the fun part of driving and focus instead on heretic-burning and date-code-criticizing. Not so with the California Melee, which takes pre-1975 machinery on a three-day, 750 tour of the beautiful forest roads of Northern California. Participants stay in- how shall we put this?- economical motels and share tools as various reliability-challenged cars shed parts along the way. TheEastBayKid was there with his 2002, and he took some nice photos for us; the folks from Bring A Trailer shot some great in-car video. Jump and see the rest!

Before you go and scope out the galleries below, take a look at Bring A Trailer's excellent Melee coverage here. Then watch their in-Porsche video, shot in my favorite place for camping in California: the Trinity Alps.


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