Tiny Dogs Drive Car Into Walmart, Locals Stunned

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Not leaving dogs in hot cars has been a common rhetoric for years now, but perhaps that should be extended to leaving dogs in the car at all—on Friday, two mischievous pups left air conditioned in a Walmart parking lot reportedly managed to crash their owner’s car into the front of the store.

According to TV station WSAZ, the owner left the car running in its parking space so that the dogs could stay cool while she went into a local Walmart in Wayne, West Virginia. The Mercury in question had a column-mounted gear shifter, so it looks like one of the dogs knocked it into drive by accident. (Or on purpose. Who can say?)

A woman at the store told WSAZ that she saw the car coming toward her and thought someone was attempting to mess with her, until she saw the face of a dog rather than a human in the seat.


The car then bumped into the front of the store, leaving no one and nothing hurt but the car and the dogs’ pride. Perhaps the strangest part of the situation was the reaction of locals, who, like most of us would be, were shocked:

A witness told WSAZ that one of the dogs managed to roll down the window after the car drove into the building, which demonstrates that both of these pups have more brainpower than your standard “sit, lie down, boy” dogs who are slaves to the treats. Free spirits, these dogs are.

Employees paged the car owner after the incident, and a witness told WSAZ that she appeared to be in her late 70s. According to the report, the damage to both the vehicle and building was minimal and she was able to drive the car home.


Well, maybe she drove home. Or maybe one of those talented dogs took the wheel while she kicked back to relax. Take that, autonomous cars!

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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If you've seen the average shopper at Walmart, then it really shouldn't be a surprise.