Time Is A Flat Circle And We're Here To Shred That Circle In The Snow

Gif: Gvr4749 (YouTube)

We all miss the eighties now, but this now-vintage footage of a turbocharged Mitsubishi Mirage shredding a 1989 snow day proves that as far as cars go, little has changed. Where there is open space and four wheels, there will be donuts. We will keep spinning in circles over and over again, until the end of time.

That’s no Instagram filter. That’s pure, parachute-pants-grade 80stanium in video form, likely shot on physical media to boot. The cars may have changed, but the donuts are still enjoyable, all the same.


Older hoon reels back me up on this. As long as vehicles exist, we’ll find a way to have fun with them. Even if they’re a humble, non-all-wheel-drive Turbo Mirage.

Gif: Gvr4749 (YouTube)

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