The Florida Highway Patrol's released detailed photos of Tiger Woods' crashed Cadillac Escalade and despite that story of his heroic wife, two rear windows are suspiciously smashed in. Also, he admitted to...something. That's not going to help things.

Among the interesting things we learn from these images:

  • Both the passenger side and drivers side rear doors have the windows smashed in from the outside as evidenced by the glass all over the seats and floor. Rear windows aren't generally known for imploding upon frontal impact, indicating they were smashed in by somebody
  • For some reason Tiger Woods has a book in his back seat titled "Get A Grip On Physics" by John Gribben. Perhaps brushing up on his projectile physics.
  • Despite the obviously destructive nature of the crash, none of the vehicles airbags went off, indicating it was somewhat low speed
  • Tiger Woods bought DUB rims. We're wondering if he's having money trouble. Come on, not even Giovanna's Tiger? Really?


Photo credit: Florida Highway Patrol/Getty Images