Although not as hot as our fave motoring show, Fifth Gear's still a damn sight better than anything we've got over here on this side of the pond. Case in point would be Tiff Needell's tour of the Bugatti plant in the newest episode of the #2 UK driving show. No US show would ever have the guts to drop into an automaker assembly plant and tease us with shots of some kind of unreleased toy. They normally reserve that for automaking vice-chairmen. The video above taken from the episode gives us a peek at Tiff showing us the front clip of something which folks at FinalGear seem to think is the rumored Bugatti Veyron convertible. The coloring also appears to match the paint job on that "Pegaso Edition" from a while back. Anyone have any thoughts? If you'd like to see the full show, I'm sure there's someplace you can snag a copy.