Thunder Road

OK, first thing you need to do here is turn off the sound on your computer and put on some Jimmy Bryant. Really, just trust us on this. OK, now play the video. Yeah, when you're talking car movies, you need to go back a decade or two before the French Connection/Two Lane Blacktop era and watch ol' reefer-mad Bob Mitchum behind the wheel of his triple-carbed '50 Ford, outrunning Chevy-driving revenoors with a tankful of moonshine. Two tons of vintage Dearborn iron doing Rockfords on North Carolina mountain roads! This 1958 film was produced and co-written by Mitchum himself and gets a four-wrench rating on the Jalopnik Car-Movie-O-Meter.

Asploding for Effect: Magnum Force [internal]

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Thunder Road is just down the road from where I live. The climactic scene ultimately took place in what is now the Bearden area of Knoxville, TN. It's a little built up since then.