Three Teens Obliterate 2010 Mustang On Test Drive

Three 19-year-olds managed to convinced someone to give them the keys to a 2010 Ford Mustang GT, and being teenagers, completely destroyed it after the driver lost control. Amazingly, they all walked away.

The story is unconfirmed, but the way it goes is three 19-year-olds somehow got the keys to a 2010 Mustang GT for a test drive and commenced to drive it like Road & Track they stole it, leading to the inevitable loss of control and complete demolition of the car. The crash was violent enough to destroy every bit of front-end body work, crinkle the main cabin structure and tear the front suspension off. OFF. None of the kids were wearing seat belts of course, and one was ejected from the vehicle in the crash, but unbelievably they all walked away with scratches and bruises. Everything in the story is believable, though stupid up until that last part about no serious injuries. If it's true, these are some very lucky idiots. [MustangBlog]


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