Three Lamborghinis Crash Together In Malaysia, Burn To Ground Together [UPDATE: Now With Video]

A huge supercar parade in Malaysia has claimed three lives. No, they aren't human lives, but they are raging bull-lives. No, not real raging bulls, but Lamborghinis. Yes, it's still sad.

It seems that a parade of about 200 cars we're on the way from Singapore to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur when a crash occurred. The crash, which appears to be between three Lamboghinis (two Gallardos, one Aventador, if you're counting), was severe enough to burn all three to the ground.

The good news is that the occupants and everyone else on the drive were ok and got out of the crash before the massive group self-immolation. The bad news is that, in Singapore dollars, $3.5 million worth of supercar wonderfulness have all been destroyed.

That's sad.

UPDATE: We've added the video you see above.

Hat Tip to Brandon!

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