Three Guys, Plus Nine Grand, Equals Three Classic Cars

Thanks to billions in hot dollars looking for a place to land, harboring classic cars has gone from a weekend hobby for regular people to an asset class for the magnificently rich. Or has it? Can you still get a desirable classic for just three grand? Yes, you can.

That's the point of this pilot show, produced by the content guys at Hagerty Insurance, which insures many of those massively-expensive vintage and classic cars you've been hearing about lately.

In "Three Guys, Three Grand, Three Classic Cars," the three guys, Hagerty's Rob Sass and Stefan Lombard, and Digital Trends's Nick Jaynes, take on Portland, Oregon's percolating vintage car scene, digging up three classics that, in addition to costing under three grand, are all worth owning.


These three cars may never be worth Pebble Beach money, but neither will they drain your wallet getting you around town. We'd like to see this series continue — there are tons more cars out there that would qualify.

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I hate it when people sit on painted surfaces of cars in videos. Unless your butt is infused with carnuba wax...stay off the paint dude!! Is it just me?