Three $50,000 NASTruck Engines Stolen From Roush Yates Shops

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Three NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series engines where stolen from their Roush Yates shop home on Monday night. The $50,000 engines were nicked when thieves cut through a wall, rolled the engines on their pallets right out the front door and onto a stolen Penske truck. Police found the van abandoned later, but the engines were nowhere to be found. What to do, what to do with belligerently powerful fully carbureted V8 engines? We favor a Nastruck-powered 1977 Pontiac Trans Am you can really pull some Smokey and the Bandit action in. [BleacherReport]



I envision this master plan starting over a 12 pack and ending with "Hold my beer".

How / where would you use them? People have enough problem getting emissions passed already and the racing community's pretty small.