'Thousands Of Lobsters' Blow Up When Cargo Truck Slams Into Bridge

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A truck carrying 7,000 pounds of lobsters from Maine to Massachusetts cooked its cargo when it collided with a bridge, blowing up the refrigeration unit and tearing the top off the cargo box. No humans were hurt, but the lobsters had to be "disposed of" by Westwood police.


Update: Video of the crash!

MassLive says the Ryder Rental truck was 13' tall, and the bridge (which looks clearly marked from where this photographer's standing) was only 10'6".


I'll pour out a little Sam Adams Summer Ale on the concrete in solidarity to my fellow Massholes for this one, that's a lottah fackin lobstahs, guy.

Image: Westwood Police Department

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Mr. MiniBig, where's my coffee?

Screw the cleanup, just set the whole rig on fire and have a neighborhood lobster bake.