Thousands Of Bees Were Hiding Between The Body Panels Of This Truck

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Classic car restoration is a challenging but fulfilling– OH MY GOD, THERE ARE SO MANY BEES.

This poor, poor man, just wanted to start cutting up and re-welding the body on his International Scout II. But as made his first cuts into the quarter panel, he uncovered something far more unsettling than frame rust or a ratty writing harness... one mother-fucking metropolis of a beehive.


Remarkably, the guy holding the camera is pretty cool about the whole thing. Guess guys who work on Scouts are just used to exposing filthy nightmares when they start pulling back body panels.

I don't think these bees are particularly harmful if you leave them alone, but I can't imagine they were thrilled to have their city sliced open with an angle grinder. Pretty sure I'd be writing this Scout off and heading back to Craigslist to find another one.

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