ThoRR Electric Se7en Should Have Shocking Performance

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Thor is of course the Norse god of thunder, thunder comes from lightning and lightning is made of electricity, thus naming an all-electric se7en ThoRR is appropriate. The chassis we all know and love is largely unmolested, but the powertrain is pure electrons with a Siemens 3-phase electric motor sporting a redline of 10,000 RPM, a peak horsepower of 272, and max torque of 331 lb.ft. Interestingly, there is no transmission to get in the way so this gets even closer to go-kart like driving.


With lithium polymer batteries holding enough juice for 124 miles, it's a little on the chunky side for a se7en, tipping the scales at 1,664 lbs. We're betting with all that torque available at zero RPM it will be a hoot on the track — if you can find a class for it. No word on the acceleration figures yet, and also no explaination as to why it seems to prefer hanging out in remote fields of grass. [Carscoop]

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Jeff Glucker

@POИTIFF POLAЯ: Big Mandingo Donkeys is pretty much the scariest thing ever typed into the jalopnik comment box... well done.