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This Year's Fastest Run Up Pikes Peak Will Rattle You To Your Very Core

GIF via YouTube

What’s the best way to follow up winning the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans? Winning the 100th anniversary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is pretty far up the list. That’s what Porsche 919 driver Romain Dumas did a week after Le Mans, and his bone-shakingly rough PPIHC onboard video is simply unreal.

One thing is certain: there are zero frills on this car. In fact, I’m not sure if he’s driving a car or a blender given some of the onboard angles, but whatever it is, it’s fast. Who needs comfort when you can have mountain-conquering speed?


With this one amazing run, Dumas became the first Frenchman to win twice overall, and the first driver ever to win Le Mans and Pikes Peak in the same year, per Sportscar365.

His car—rather, land-based rocketship—of choice for Pikes Peak was not a blender, though. It was a Norma M20 RD Limited Spec-2016, which took him to an unbelievable time of 8:51.445 up the mountain—the second-fastest time ever in the history of the event.


That’s a time that was unfathomable until recent years, when the last few miles of the road up Pikes Peak were paved. Dumas is one of only three drivers ever to climb the mountain in under nine minutes.

Want to see how ridiculously fast that looks from outside the car? Here’s some other angles of Dumas’ incredible run. You’re welcome.

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That’s really quick - but let’s not forget Loeb was almost 40 seconds quicker to the top.

That’s insane.