This Working Lego Gearbox Is As Close As You'll Get To The Real Thing

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Letting 1930s GM teach you how a transmission works is great and all, but 1930s technology was limited in that it couldn’t actually show you the internal bits of a transmission in motion. Luckily, humanity has advanced to the point where there is a new solution, for your internal-transmission-workings desires. It’s called Lego.

Since the levers are a bit too small to be used by people with people-sized hands, the levers are actuated by use of a remote control and some servos. But I’m not sure I care, as it’s a real, working, six-speed Lego transmission. A LEGO TRANSMISSION.


And since it’s all open and you can see the guts inside, how it all works is plainly visible. From the output shafts, to the input shafts, to the gears themselves, it’s all there and all on display.

I’m going to go throw this in Raph’s Baja Bug. I think it’ll be an upgrade over whatever’s in there already.