This woman stripped to "conceal her scent" from K9s after a DUI

Stripping down to your underwear to avoid the trained snout of a police dog isn't an effective means of escape. Just ask 25-year-old Angela C. Ferranti, who was found by a K-9 hiding in the Florida woods wearing only bra and panties after crashing her car following a night of drinking.

Ferranti was driving home with her boyfriend from an evening spent at Mickey Finns in Port St. Luice, where she admitted to having "4 to 4.5 beers about an hour and a half before the crash" as well as "1.5 cranberry vodkas."


Her unnamed boyfriend is on probation and was paranoid about the police following them, according to the police report. He decided the best action was to yank the steering wheel and she hit a median with her 1997 gold Buick sedan.


The genius boyfriend then yelled he was afraid he'd go back to jail for drinking and they'd have to leave so they split. She disrobed and ran into the woods and he disappeared in the other direction. A K-9 dog named "kilo" found her quickly after she'd disrobed to "conceal scent" from the dog's trained snout.

It didn't work.


Police let her get dressed, but not before asking her about a glass pipe with "marijuana residue" and issuing a field sobriety test. Unsurprisingly, she denied the pot was her pot and failed the test. She was booked for DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of drug paraphernalia, and property damage.

It's possible the boyfriend escaped police, although almost certainly not the anger of his girlfriend.


A quick glance at Ferranti's Myspace page indicates she's familiar both with the concepts of drinking and stripping down to her underwear for people.

This will be short and sweet. The name is Angela. Im 23 and enjoy experiencing all different types of nightlife. I also love to hit up the beach on the weekends and keep up the tan. The 1 thing that pisses me off are all the stuck up biitchez in this town that think theyre the shit... HA! YOU MAY THINK YOU KNOW ME BUT BITCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA!


True, although now there's a police dog that's got a pretty good idea how you smell.

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