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  • Am I Evel? I Am Cad: Knievel s De Camino
    "I feel like if this article somehow involved whiskey and breasts, I might transcend this plane of existence."
    by Will Moseley
  • Monowheel Action
    "My only thought while watching this is, 'Wow, I bet that dude has scolio.'
  • How do you drive around while always peeking out behind a big wheel? Ain't no good... no good at all. However, I can totally see a new sport coming out of these. MonoWheel Nascar, where you only need to look left!"
    by J. Shirley
  • The Donks, The Boxes and The Bubbles: Hi-Risers
    "The last time I was in Cleveland, I was saw a guy in an old Buick with one hi-riser wheel. Stolen? Maybe. Pathetic? Oh yeah."
    by ThnderbltDoherty
  • From Deep in the Central Valley: The Tercelamino!
    "Oh sweet Steinbeck's ghost... that is, without question, the greatest example of sudafed stealin', methlab cookin, PBR-swillin' Toymino mad science I've ever seen. It's like a perfectly formed little mutant AWD baby springing from the Central Valley's fertile-yet-cow-feces-contaminated loins. I want one."
    by DannyBoy
  • Video: Radical Round the Ring
    "1320lbs. 360hp. Holy crap, thats like 3.7lbs/hp."
    by ParanoidAndroid07
  • Tease Me With Those Sales Numbers Baby!
    "How about simply this: With X years of incentives, the auto makers have simply time-shifted demand from now to 2 years ago.
  • Who wants to trade in their car when its effectively underwater (eg, if they took that 5 year, 0% loan on their whatever)?
  • So the numbers sucked. Big deal."
    by nweaver
  • More on Project Kimber: New MG Midget Could Arrive Next Year
    "I have a real sympathy for british cars in general. I had an MGB for a while. It was like driving a grandfather clock. When it ran it ran well. But I always felt like I had to handle it with care, like it would break at any moment.
  • I would welcome a new little roadster and the MG badge would bring back some fond memories. Just as long as they make it robust enough to haul around two full size humans."
    by silversurfer
  • Thar She Blows: Fiero-Bodied Boston Whaler for Sale on eBay
    "Like the guy who built the four wheel drive Rolls Royce, this guy followed his "vision" to advance our civilization and remind future generations that he walked on this earth."
    by frank novak

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