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  • Oh My God! They Killed SVT! You Bastards! "I believe it's important that Ford has some SVT vehicles. If I accidentally owned a Ford Contour I would hope that it would be an SVT version. This way I could leave as quick as possible before anyone could see me driving it." by YellowDucati
  • Jerry Flint: We re Technologically Lacking
    "The Big Three brass spent decades digging themselves an incredibly deep grave and filling it with rancid moose shit, and now they get to stagger into it. Forever. Too bad they're taking a huge chunk of the US economy with them."
    by MurileeMartin
  • Volkswagen to Show AV-equipped Eos at CeBit
    "So the screen is to distract backseat passengers from the fact that they've lost circulation in their legs?"
    by Seth L
  • It s Not a Tumor! Mr. Foose Builds a Trad Rod
    "If this car is 'traditional,' it's a traditional wacky 1974 Tom Daniel cartoon rod, like the Red Baron, or Garbage Truck, or Surfer Popcorn Paddy Wagon, ad nauseum. It needs redwall Firestone Indys and deep dish Cragars and a gatling gun on the hood, and a Monogram plastic model."
    by iowahawk

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