This Video Proves NASCAR Would Be A Lot Better If Drivers Had to Drift the Roval

Gif: Ford Performance (YouTube)

The 2019 Ford Mustang will race in NASCAR next year with Monster Energy NASCAR Cup champion Joey Logano behind the wheel, and to celebrate, Logano particiapated in some tandem drifting with Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. This has given me an idea.

Look at how fun that is. Now imagine how fun it would be if NASCAR drivers were able to score more for drifting through the new Roval? Race, race, race, drift, drift, race, race. A seamless transition from high octane, bumper to bumper action to tandem skids and sick smoke clouds.


You could basically have an entire Formula Drift event in the middle of a NASCAR race, and add a fun new challenge into racing tire strategy. It’s what all the kids want to see these days anyway. I’m a genius.

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Is it sad that the Formula drift car has more power, more grip more gears, is better looking, is more relatable to the common man, and is cheaperto build than the “stock car”?

Yes. yes it is.