Screengrab from Jay Leno’s Garage 
Screengrab from Jay Leno’s Garage 

Part of what makes the Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel interesting are the guest stars he invites onto the show. Often these people are car collectors or mechanics. In this week’s video, the guest was neither.


A U.S. Army Specialist named Stephanie Morris was stationed at the Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, in 2013 when two RPGs hit nearby.

“While we were leaving our motor pool and traveling to the bus stop, we received indirect fire,” said Morris in a post from June on the U.S. Army website. “Two rocket-propelled grenades came in back to back.” Her left femur was shattered and her right foot was fractured.


After three dozen failed surgeries and with the pain showing no signs of stopping, Morris decided that amputation was the best route.

But, she doesn’t let that get in her way. She still enjoys playing basketball and spending time with friends. And going fast.

Leno paid her a visit and took her out for a ride in a Fiat 124 Abarth Spider. Morris admitted that the Fiat was the first sports car she’d ever driven. At the end of their trip, Leno handed her the keys. The car was hers.

I won’t lie. I cried. You probably will, too. There is some good left in this world.

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