This Video Of Hillbillies Torturing An Old Ford Pickup In The Back Woods Is Deeply Troubling

gif: Joe Coron/YouTube (screengrabs)

This video shows a group of hillbillies taking an old Ford truck out to the back woods, placing it on blocks, shooting it in the face with a shotgun, and revving the engine so long, it seizes. Then the ruffians break out the chainsaw and do some seriously grisly stuff that has permanently scarred my psyche.


I don’t know much about this video, other than it appears to have been uploaded to YouTube by Joe Coron in December, 2015. What it depicts is the brutal, hellish torture of a late ’70s Ford F-Series pickup. If you get squeamish, you may not want to watch:

The tormenting begins with a few shotgun shells to the truck’s radiator as the old iron-block screams in agony under hood, desperate for water. But the hillbillies don’t quench the old trucks thirst. No, they just watch it die.

But a few shots to the truck’s face is not enough for these sick, sick truck killers; even after that motor makes its final revolution, the rednecks shoot the Ford while it’s down, right in the windshield.

But that’s nothing; a windshield and engine can both be replaced. The guys in the video have no plans to leave even a tiny chance of survival, so they use a chainsaw to expertly cut down two enormous trees, which slam down hard on the truck’s bed and hood, breaking the vehicle’s back, and sending the classic Ford into the junkyard in the sky forever.

Something about watching a classic old Ford get tortured as it sits helplessly on blocks just makes me feel sick. Apparently quite a few YouTubers feel similarly, as the video’s entire comments section is filled with people decrying the act of destroying a truck that appears to still have had quite a bit of life left in it.

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Like.. why couldn’t they have done this to a PT cruiser or dodge magnum or something? What did an old ford ever do to anyone?