This Video Has Just So Many Supercars

A Porsche 911 GT1. Mercedes CLK GTR attempting to do donuts. A drag race between a Ferrari 250 GT SWB and a Lamborghini Miura S. You’re about to overload on a ton of very, very good cars. Yes, there’s also a Porsche 918 Spider drag racing a Porsche 959.


Don’t worry, the 959 very graciously gets a head start:

This video is from about a little over a year ago (I’m just seeing it for the first time now, shutup, just sit back and enjoy), and it looks like the epicenter of the Supercar Owners Circle event in Ambri, Switzerland, and the source of a bunch of videos that were floating around at the time of the most splendid vehicles money could buy tearing through town.


But since a year has passed, we now have the joy of yet another video from an SOC event at the Ambri airport.

And yes, this one has a Ferrari F50 drag racing a Maserati MC12. A McLaren P1 racing a Ferrari 812 Superfast. A Ruf CTR2 racing a Weismann. And, of all things, a chunky-looking Lamborghini Urus racing an even chunkier Bentley:

Rejoice, rejoice. The cars are here.

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People actually out driving these things makes me happy