This Truck Is Not Real

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

This beautiful blue Scania truck rolling over a hilly highway is a demonstration of CGI software called OctaneRender 2.0. The future of animation and video games might be prettier than real life.

Specifically you're seeing a showcase of the software's improved "object motion blur" effect, which can simulate the motion of inanimate objects in an animated scene. Like the parts of a semi-truck bumping along like a big metal caterpillar.


OctaneRender 2.0 will also give digital artists more room to work with tiny details through "displacement mapping" that allows for minute adjustments of an image, as well as more realistically rendering of hair and fur.

You may have seen the current OctaneRender in action on Boardwalk Empire and the latest Star Trek movie.


The complete list of new features is long and probably interesting to digital artists. You can dig into the technical details on OctaneRender creator Otoy's site.

Images: OctaneRender

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