If you're speeding through Cut-and-Shoot, Texas and notice a murdered-out 2010 Camaro with a silver Transformers logo at the peak of its hood DO NOT attempt to race it, because it will quickly transform into one vicious police interceptor.

I had the unfortunate experience of learning to drive in Southern Montgomery County, where the same local constabulary responsible for this Camaro searched out speeders in blacked-out ghost cars. When I was younger they had an all-black C5 Corvette and an all-black Jeep Grand Cherokee. Do you know how many black Jeep GC's there are in the suburbs? It's a number approaching infinity.

But a stealth Camaro? You're crossing a line this time. With ghosted-out black-on-black graphics and clear strobes, this Precinct 3 Montgomery County Constable Camaro is likely to nab as many recruits as speeders.

(Thanks to Aron for grabbing the pics without getting grabbed!)