This Toyota FJ40 Looks Spartan But Has It Where It Counts

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Jonathan Ward’s Icon brand is not exactly known for simplicity and spartan interiors. That particular brand has built a name for itself by doing every little thing in an over the top fashion that leaves no knob un-knurled. This freshly-built FJ40 Land Cruiser takes things back to basics in the company’s new Roadster Edition.


What’s important here is what it doesn’t have. With no doors and a simple bikini top, this is a largely fair-weather toy, but aren’t they all at this point? There’s no air conditioning or heat. This particular example, the first of its kind, is optioned with hidden CarPlay and uprated marine audio, but little else.

While this Japanese off-roader may look spartan with a simple wheel design and marine-grade vinyl seats, it has all the hardware where it counts. For power, you can rely on a brand new crate GM LS3 engine. That’s backed up by an Aisin/Warner 5-speed manual and a Dana 60 at the back and a Dana 44 at the front with air-locking ARB differentials.

Aside from the drivetrain it’s also got a bitchin’ suspension setup. Custom adjustable sway bars are on offer. Fox racing remote nitrogen reservoir shocks with Eibach coils aren’t messing around either. Power steering, power Brembo brakes, the works.

It looks like an old school FJ with a few bits and bobs added by a competent off-road builder. In reality it is capable of crawling over just about any terrain you can throw at it.

What more could you possibly want?

You can hear in his voice that Mr. Ward is excited about this project. The Icon cars are always cool, but always silly expensive. This one is still pretty expensive with a starting price of $185,000. But when you consider that a decent rust-free example can cost as much as $60,000, and then add all of the ridiculously awesome bits under the skin and the price starts to make at least a little bit of sense.


This machine will be making its debut in the metal at SEMA next week, and I’ll be sure to give it an up-close-and-personal look for those of you who won’t be there. For now, enjoy the video.

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I’ll stick with this for $150K less...

Front and rear locking Dana 44 axles and a sway bar disconnect.

And it has both A/C and heat!

And doors and a top if need be!