This Three-Wheeled Aston Martin Is Still Faster Than You

The No. 97 Aston Martin lost a wheel in Bahrain International Circuit’s fourth turn, but did it stop driver Jonny Adam? Not really. He still somehow drove that Aston in on three wheels faster than most track day novices can drive a GT-R with all the nannies on. Dang, dude.

The GTE Pro-class No. 97 car had just reentered the track after pitting for new tires when its front right wheel fell off, triggering a full-course yellow flag to retrieve the loose wheel.


Adam was able to drive the car back in, where his team replaced the car’s right front brake caliper and disc, although they don’t appear to be confident that they’ve fixed the issue. The car rejoined one lap down in seventh place after a quick fix in the pits. Prior to the issue, they were in third.

This may not be Aston Martin Racing’s day. Prior to Adam’s tripod racing effort, the No. 98 GTE Am-class Aston Martin’s engine failed with Paul Dalla Lana behind the wheel. Dalla Lana was forced to pull over and the team retired the car, effectively taking it out of contention for the class championship and ceding it to the leading No. 83 AF Corse Ferrari 458 team.

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Stef Schrader

Also worth noting:

The No. 97 can’t afford to slow down for silly things like a lost wheel if they want to keep the championship title from the Ford GT squad.