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This Tesla Model S Spec Is How You Do Automotive 'Fan Videos'

Illustration for article titled This Tesla Model S Spec Is How You Do Automotive Fan Videos

Okay, so, I don't now much about Specs. In fact, I had to ask Torchy exactly what the heck a Spec was, but I have made some pretty awesome anime music videos in my time, so I understand the labors of love that are fan videos. And the folks at Digital Giant apparently really, really love the Tesla Model S.


According to Digital Giant co-founder Alex Pickup, there was just something about the Tesla Model S that screamed, "to drive one is to understand that the game has changed." It's all about the science fiction meets science fact for the Digital Giant crew. That's what makes the Tesla Model S special.

With a small, close-knit crew of super talented friends and collaborators they harnessed the freedoms gifted by the latest state of the art cameras, camera cars, drones and bespoke technologies to create a piece that appeals to the sci-fi junky and car enthusiast alike. This made working with a Tesla Model S the obvious choice of vehicle.


I get you, Digital Giant, I get you.

Screencap via Digital Giant.

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Many of these fan vids, like the one above, impress me with their quality. I had no idea so many talented folks were out there just doing these for fun.