Listen: dealing with children is hard. I don't have any kids myself, but from what I've seen with my friends who do have them, they can go from charming and adorable one minute to tiny little terrorists the next minute. Also, they have sticky hands.

You have to be firm when you're dealing with kids. You can't let them walk all over you; you cannot negotiate with terrorists. But there is such a thing as going way too far, especially if cars are involved.

That's exactly what happened in South Africa recently, according to this report in Britain's The Sun. Teacher Melanie Minnie was pulled over with six children in the hatch of her Renault Clio, and she had at least three on the front seat and 10 others in the back.

What, they don't have school buses in South Africa?

According the report, the cops went after Minnie when someone at a restaurant called in a tip. She was apparently taking her nursery school students on a trip to a local burger joint.

Ms Minnie was quoted in South Africa's Afrikaans language Beeld newspaper "this is the first time we went on an outing - and the last time".


Yeah, no kidding. Minnie apparently got away with just a fine, but I know you'd be straight up arrested for that kind of thing in the U.S.

Hey parents and teachers out there: Let me take this time to remind you to be safe and responsible. You should only put like 17 kids in your hatchback at a time. But 19? That's just dangerous.


Photos credit Gallo Images/Barcroft Media via The Sun

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