This Sleepy Toddler Refuses To Quit Driving His Power Wheels Jeep

When adults fall asleep behind the wheel, the results are tragic and horrible. But when toddlers do fall asleep when they're driving their Power Wheels cars, it's hilarious and adorable!

Take Jonah, the toddler in this video. The kid can't stop driving his Power Wheels Jeep even though he's about to pass out! His uncle, who is shooting the whole ordeal on video, tries to get Jonah to pull over, but the little gearhead just isn't having any of it. The uncle finds it pretty funny. The stop-and-start rap music makes it even funnier.


I understand how it is, Jonah. All day you dream about getting behind the wheel, and once you're there, you don't want to stop — even if you're on the verge of falling into dreamland yourself.

Hat tip to $kaycog!

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