This Shortened Car Wearing Shoes Is My New Multiple-Legged Best Friend

Gif: Garage 54 ENG (YouTube)

People are dumb and will only make you sad. Cars are always there for you. If I put my car in people-shoes, I can pretend it’s my friend and we’ll be best friends forever!!! Here’s how the crazy Russians at Garage 54 did just that with one of their previous weirdo builds, which works far better than it should.

They welded together a wheel with a series of square metal legs and then fixed a series to feet to the end to wear the shoes, both angled to work in the right direction.


The shoes didn’t quite fit tightly on the metal “feet,” so they were filled with construction foam to stay on. The legs were given a thick coat of gold paint to be on point for 2001, and then fitted them to a work-in-progress shortened car with gullwing doors that they just had lying around the shop.

They only went on the rear drive wheels, because those are your car-friend’s legs, of course! It doesn’t make sense if you wear shoes on your arms, dummy!


This is what my new best friend, everybody: a terrifying shoe-wearing car that will slowly rattle itself apart and rip the soles off its shoes.

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It’s maddening! The tension is killing me!

Constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.