This Shadowy Two-Seat Roadster Will Be McLaren's Lightest Car Yet

Lightened for effect.
Lightened for effect.
Photo: McLaren

McLaren is busy building a portfolio of models to meet every customer’s needs, from the super rich to the ultra rich. From the subtle opulence of the McLaren GT to the brutal speed of the McLaren 720S Spider, the British automaker has something for everyone desperate to speed through those embarrassingly tacky upper-middle class neighborhoods to their double-gated driveways as quickly as possible. And today at Monterey Car Week, the carmaker announced it’s bringing a track-focused roadster on board as well.

As Autocar and other outlets report, the car is the latest edition to McLaren’s Ultimate Series, which includes the delightfully bananas 789 horsepower Senna and the somehow even quicker and bendy Speedtail. It’s still pretty mysterious as we don’t even know its name yet. All we have is the shadowy image of the sleek car you see above, which most notably doesn’t include a windshield.

We do know that there will only be 399 roadsters built, and they’ll be available in 2020. Even though the roadster will be more geared towards being a fun driver than a track beast, it is also getting the Senna’s 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. McLaren also says the new roadster is its lightest car to date, and I’m eager to find out what the final weight figures will look like.


We mere mortals should start saving our pennies now, as the new roadster will fit in between the McLaren Senna at $958,966 and the Speedtail at $2,500,000. That’s quite a range.

But a McLaren roadster is definitely one of those situations where honey, if you have to ask the cost, you can’t afford it.

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I know it’s not the full reveal, and I know the boys at McLaren have yet to really disappoint..../STARE but Ferrari’s Monza twins have them beat on this one.