This School Bus Was Engulfed In Flames And Became A Fire Bus From Hell

A school bus becoming an absolutely raging inferno is terrifying enough. But it gets worse when it starts to roll, seemingly chasing firefighters, propelled by nothing but the burning hate and evil from Hades itself.

Nobody was injured by the Hellbus, reports the local Twin Cities Fox affiliate, but someone may want to check the driver out for demonic possession (emphasis mine):

"I ran outside quick I asked the bus driver was just coming off the bus and he was carrying his lunch pail, so it didn't look to threatening," Hogan recalled.

The driver was outside glaring at his bus — but five minutes later, the scene changed.

"It just started in flames. Then it escalated pretty quickly from there. Flames just went through the whole cab," Hogan said.

There's a lesson to be learned here, for the children. Don't piss off your bus driver, they might be possibly be an agent of Beelzebub.

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