This School Bus-Dodging Asshat Was Busted By A Driver With A Camera Phone

School buses are festooned with flashing lights and stop signs and other devices for a reason — to make sure children don't get run over while the bus is stopped.

Shena Hardin, 32, decided that she didn't have time to wait for one particular bus as it stopped to pick up a disabled child each morning, and repeatedly drove on the sidewalk to get around the bus. But the driver captured her on his camera phone and called the police.


The next time she jumped the curb to speed by on the sidewalk, a cop was waiting around the corner. Hardin got a ticket for not stopping for a bus.

Ms. Hardin, who are you?! Can the police in Cleveland also give out tickets for being a pretty awful person? This is definitely one of those instances where she should have also a citation for a nightstick-smashed burnt out tail light, as well as for driving a really lame fake Jeep. (Hat tip to Justin!)

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